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6 Ways to Improve Score

Updated: May 28, 2023

IMDb (an acronym for Internet Movie Database) is an online database of information related to films, television programs, home videos, video games, and streaming content online – including cast, production crew, personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, ratings, fan, and critical reviews. is a "who's who" guide in the profession. It lists productions and those involved in a particular project and then ranks them in their category. One of the categories ranked is actors. Many casting directors, directors, producers, and filmmakers use the score to help them decide who to hire. It tracks your credits and gives you a STARMETER SCORE.

This is why a STARMETER SCORE has become essential to many actors and decision-makers. The lower the score, the better. For example, the #1 actor in Hollywood right now is ... Freya Allan, and when you click on this link, it only improves or helps her keep that score. That is because ranking is based on a complex algorithm.

Among other factors is the number of unique IP address clicks over time.

The average working actor will be a score of 60,000 up to about 30,000. So-called "B-list celebs" are at about 30,000 to 10,000. And "A-listers" will be in the top 10,000 to 1 range. Although some may argue this breakdown, this is consistent with what most agents, casting directors, directors, and filmmakers hold as the general standard.

There is a lot of controversy around the subject of scores because scores can be manipulated and don't necessarily reflect talent. For example, child reality star "honey boo boo" was #1 for quite some time. Why? Because she was all over the news and many people from around the world were looking her up.

Because of the "over time" aspect of the score, even beginning actors need to start thinking about this number early in their careers. Trust me; you will thank me later!

But Faith, I don't seem to have a score on this platform at all!! My name is not on there!

Don't worry. If you are just starting out, you might not yet be listed. It is ok. Productions are responsible for listing actors and other film professionals on under the project's title. Sometimes, the production leaves people off the list.

It is also possible that the projects you have done did not list their project on the platform. In this case, you can try listing the production yourself so that you can add your involvement. provides a simple way for you to do this, but you should be prepared and know as much detail about the production as possible because what you add will be authenticated by staff.

You should keep in mind that you can not add yourself as an actor if you don't yet have any projects listed on You also can not list commercials.


#1 - Know your score over time. I recommend that you start by looking up your score. To do this, you will need an IMDbPRO account, but before you run out and pay for it, think a little more strategically ... find out who you know that might already have an account and who can look it up for you. Once you know your score, you can track it over time and get a sense of what makes your score go up or down.

#2 Unapologetically post the number and your link to it to as many places as possible. Put it on your marketing materials such as business cards, websites, postcards, etc. You could create a QR code that links to your IMDB listing. To make this easier, offers a cool-looking graphic to help you promote yourself called a "Vanity Link." Best of all, the graphic is FREE, and no graphic design skills are needed.

#3 Set your computer's default home browser page to your IMDb page. HOW TO LINK Have friends and family set their default home browser page to your IMDB page. The more spread out and unique these hits are, the better, so think about who you might know in other regions and countries.

#4 The most obvious way to indirectly get hits is to list your involvement with popular film and television projects that get a lot of hits. For example, if you had a role in Game of Thrones, even a small role, will impact your score in a positive way. I usually do not recommend that actors list background on their resume but if you are just starting out, attaching yourself as a background actor to a high-profile project will very likely help your score.

#5 Add your page link to all your contact areas and bios such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., and don't forget to include it in your email signatures and Linktree listings.

#6 Finally, list it in your press kit. Whether you have a professional publicist or are getting media and press coverage on your own, always include your details in your materials.

The final piece of advice that I have for you might surprise you and will even seem contradictory but, everything in this industry is about striking a balance. So, after you have done all of the above, I want you to forget about it. Every six months or so, check on your score to see if you can take steps to improve it, but then let it go.

This number does not define you as an actor. It is just marketing!

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Amy Crater
Amy Crater
15 de jul. de 2022

Great advice, Faith. Thanks so much!


Zulima Paulus
Zulima Paulus
12 de jul. de 2022

This was the most insightful and useful information I ever heard about the IMDB score. Thank you so much! 💕

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