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Ready to get back out and network in person? Are you uncertain what it will be like and what to expect? This guide will walk you through the steps of how to find networking events, how to get more from networking events, and give you clues for practical communication skills that every actor should know. You will learn:


  • Plan for optimum outcomes
  • Make people like you more
  • Recognize social cues
  • Learn how to read the room
  • Look for body-language secrets
  • Polish your small talk
  • Know what marketing materials work best


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The Actor's Guide To In-Person Networking

  • Copyrighted PDF

  • Mark Speno "This morning I downloaded and read the Actors Guide to In-Person Networking. SPOT ON!!! Thought I knew all I needed to know about networking... boy was I mistaken. It's a short read with some of the most valuable hitting points that every actor needs to know about networking; or as I like to call it: working the room. Well done Faith!"

    Abe Ruthless " ...the new ebook is amazing!! So much great stuff in there. It was very motivating. Thank you so very much for all the value and insights you provide to actors!"

    Ellora Almira Barlow - Thank you for making things that are Science based@ - I can't begin to explain how much that speaks to my intj heart - Exponentially grateful



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